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Decide on your search method.


If you want to check if I can supply a specific product eg. Coachies, try using the Product Search box.


If your search is of a more browsing nature eg. dog bed, you may want to use the browsing tabs. Most of the items that you want will be under Accessories or Foods.





Whether searching for a specific product, or browsing, you may need to narrow your results down to be more relevant.


You can use the selections on each of the browsing tabs, or a combination of selections and browsing tabs. Or you can add extra search criteria to the ‘Search within these results’ box.



Vital Pet Products


Whist we have listed the most popular products on this website, our wholesaler, Vital Pet Products, has nearly 24,000 different products to choose from. However, their website is aimed at retailers rather than consumers, and you may find that it is not especially intuitive to use.


However, please feel free to call us with details of the item, and we can perform a search for you. We will then contact you with the results.


Or, please take a moment to read this step by step guide to help you through your search process. Click this link to open the appropriate section of their website in a new window:



This is the important bit!


The pack size is given under the item details. Whilst most items are available as a single unit, some may only be available as a multiple ‘outer’. This is fine if you require the quantity given, but not if you only require one of a ‘multiple outer’.


The RRP given is for a single item.




The results appear, in Recommended Retail Price order, lowest first.


I have found that the other sorting criteria for the results are largely irrelevant.


The RRP is the price that you pay, although there may be discounts for higher value items or bulk purchases.


You can click on the individual item to see more details.


Make a note of the item ‘code’ number, and contact us to place your order.